Department of Anthropology


Edward H. Hagen, Ph.D. Professor, Evolutionary Anthropology
Evolutionary approaches to substance use and mental health, child growth and development
Phone: 360-546-9257
Office: VSCI 130Q

Bonnie Hewlett, Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor, Cultural Anthropology
Medical anthropology, adolescent development, hunter-gatherers, and evolutionary cultural anth.

Barry Hewlett, Ph.D. Professor, Cultural Anthropology, Evolutionary Anthropology
Hunter-gatherers, anthropology of childhood, anthropology of infectious and parasitic diseases
Phone: 360-546-9449
Office: VMMC 202R

Steven A. Weber, Ph.D. Professor, Archaeology
Archaeologist and archaeobotonist specializing in subsistence strategies and complex societies
Phone: 360-546-9734
Office: VMMC 202M

Clare M. Wilkinson, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Cultural Anthropology
Media production cultures; craft specialities in dramatic performance; labor in artistic endeavors
Phone: 360-546-9574
Office: VMMC 102C

Affiliated faculty

Jay Fancher, Ph.D. Lecturer

Nicole Hess, Ph.D. Visiting Professor
The evolution of coalitional competition in humans


Linda Campbell
Phone: 360-546-9441
Office: VMMC 102