Department of Anthropology


Bagandou, Central African Republic
An Ngandu village and associated Aka foragers

Chinimpi, Ecuador
A Shuar village

Ebola outbreak field site 2000
Location of Ebola outbreak field site 2000

Ebola outbreak field site 2003
Location of Ebola outbreak field site 2003

Excavation in Northern India

The Harappa archaeological project (HARP) is ongoing

Jifor, SNNPR, Ethiopia
Chabu village in the Sheka forest in SW Ethiopia

Lucknow, India
North Indian embroidery center

Mumbai, India
Site of the Bollywood film industry

Onchocerciasis control project in Southern Cameroon
Location of onchocerciasis ("river blindness") field project

Schistosomiasis control project in Northern Cameroon
Location of schistosomiasis control project

Thailand Archaeometallurgy Project (TAP)
Series of Neolithic and copper processing sites in central Thailand

WSU Pullman
Pullman campus

WSU Vancouver
Vancouver campus

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