Department of Anthropology

Melissa J. Garfield

Advisor: Edward H. Hagen
Position: PhD student
Office: VMMC 207

Biographical sketch

I earned a B.A. in anthropology and psychology from the University of Nebraska‒Lincoln in 2012 and completed my M.A. in anthropology at WSU in May 2015.


My current research focuses on female smoking prevalence cross-nationally and the fertility transition.

Other research interests include intrasexual competition among women in traditional societies and female status attainment.

Selected publications

Articles and Chapters

LNK Hames RH, Garfield ZG, Garfield MJ 2017. Is Male Androphilia a Context-Dependent Cross-CulturalUniversal? Archives of Sexual Behavior.
PDF Garfield ZH, Garfield MJ, Hewlett BS 2016. A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Hunter-Gatherer Social Learning, In: Social Learning and Innovation in Contemporary Hunter-Gatherers, Hideaki Terashima and Barry Hewlett (ed.). Springer, 16-34.
PDF Hagen EH, Garfield M, Sullivan RJ 2016. The low prevalence of female smoking in the developing world: gender inequality or fetal protection? Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health.
LNK VanderLaan DP, Garfield ZH, Garfield MJ, Leca JP, Vasey PL, Hames RH 2014. The “female fertility–social stratification–hypergyny” hypothesis of male homosexual preference: factual, conceptual and methodological errors in Barthes et al. [Commentary]. Evolution and Human Behavior, 35, 445-447.


LNK Garfield ZH, Garfield MJ 2017. Women’s Prosocial Dominant Acts. Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science, 1-4.