Department of Anthropology

Anthropology clubs

River Cities Anthropological Society

River Cities Anthropological Society was formed to promote anthropology among Washington State University Vancouver students and local community members. Students and faculty participate in organizing lectures, social activities and field trips. The society also sponsors a lecture series on campus. For more information, contact Barry Hewlett (360) 546-9449.

President: Aaron Geilenfeldt

Click here for the River Cities Anthropological Society website.

Congo Education Project

This project aims to support formal education systems for rural forest peoples in Central Africa. The current fund-raising effort aims to build a school and hire a teacher for a year for the Aka forest foragers (also known as "pygmies") of the Central African Republic. The project was established by the River Cities Anthropological Society at Washington State University Vancouver.

If you have any questions about the Aka or this project, please contact Professor Barry Hewlett (360) 546-9449 or club secretary/treasurer Debra Barnett 546-9660 or

Roots & Shoots Vancouver

Roots & Shoots, a program from the Jane Goodall Institute, is aimed at making positive change happen for our communities, for animals, and for the environment.

Group Leader: Brad LaChappelle

Click here for the WSUV Roots & Shoots website.