Barry Hewlett

Hewlett with Hamar 2011
Hewlett with Hamar 2011
  • Professor, Cultural Anthropology, Evolutionary Anthropology
  • Hunter-gatherers, anthropology of childhood, anthropology of infectious and parasitic diseases
  • Office: VMMC 202R
  • Phone: 360-546-9449
  • Email:

Biographical sketch ▾

Biographical sketch

After receiving my BA (1971) and MA (1976) from California State University, Chico, I worked several years for social service and child development agencies, such as Head Start. I traveled to Africa for the first time in 1971 after completing my BA and started conducting field research in 1973. I decided to return to graduate school in 1983 to pursue a PhD at the University of California, Santa Barbara and obtained my PhD in 1987. Dr. Napoleon Chagnon was chair of my committee and Dr. Michael Jochim (archaeologist) and Dr. David Brokensha (applied anthropologist) were committee members. My dissertation became the basis for my first monograph, Intimate Fathers: The Nature and Context of Aka Pygmy Paternal Care. I have had appointments at Shasta College, California State University, Chico, Southern Oregon University, Oregon State University, Tulane University, Kyoto University (Japan), and Hawassa University (Ethiopia). I have made over twenty field trips to the Central African Republic and have conducted research in several central and eastern African countries.

Research statement ▾

Research statement

I have two general topical interest areas: the anthropology of childhood and the anthropology of infectious and parasitic diseases. Specific topical interests in childhood include: father-child relations, cosleeping, alllomaternal care, allonursing and variability in the attachment processes and the development of internal working models. Interests within the anthropology of infectious diseases include: local cultural models of disease, incorporating anthropological approaches to disease control efforts and emerging diseases. Theoretically, I am interested in evolutionary approaches to culture and biocultural approaches to the topics listed above.

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Field sites

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Joint Attention in Human and Chimpanzee Infants in Varied Socio‐Ecological Contexts
Joint Attention in Human and Chimpanzee Infants in Varied Socio‐Ecological Contexts
Social Learning
Social Learning and Innovation in Contemporary Hunter-Gatherers
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Hunter-Gatherers of the Congo Basin
Hunter-Gatherers of the Congo Basin: Cultures, Histories and Biology of African Pygmies
More info
Ebola, Culture and Politics
Ebola, Culture and Politics: The Anthropology of an Emerging Disease
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Hunter-Gatherer Childhoods
Hunter-Gatherer Childhoods: Evolutionary, Developmental and Cultural Perspectives. Transaction/Aldine
Diverse Contexts of Human Infancy. Prentice Hall
Father-Child Relations
Father-Child Relations: Cultural and Biosocial Contexts. Aldine
More info
Intimate Fathers
Intimate Fathers: The Nature and Context of Aka Pygmy Paternal Infant Care. University of Michigan Press

Publications ▾


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